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“Jam for Joy” Founded and Operated by Christine Storm, is an organization that a child can be a part of for their entire lives. It is a hand-up not a hand-out organization that not only gives but inspires others to strive to become better. The proceeds from “Jam for Joy” go to financially less fortunate K-12 students who are in need of school supplies, new clothes, school lunches, snacks and other items to help the student fit in. This helps to reduce distractions from peer pressure and other sources including bullying leading to an increased chance for academic success. The organization offers the human and financial resources required to provide a sense of stability, emotional support, educational assistance and mentoring necessary to lead to future employment opportunities both inside and outside of our contributor networks thus making it a full circle charity.

The charity will be hosting several concerts nationally featuring both independent and mainstream artists. This will be combined with a “fantasy camp” format where contributors from all walks of life can share the stage with the performing artists in exchange for donations.

Christine Storm is linked with “Jam for Joy” by its flagship customer loyalty program. The initial phase of this program includes an attractive clear multi-purpose bling wrist purse known as the “550 Bag.” This bag will be awarded to the consumer via proof of purchase of $550 worth of Christine Storm merchandise. At that time a donation of $5.50 will be made in the purchaser’s name to Christine Storm’s charity organization “Jam for Joy.”

“Yes We Cans” is a grass-roots charitable organization founded by Christine Storm. This organization brings individuals, civic groups and service organizations together to gather aluminum cans and other recyclables from homes and businesses. These recyclables are then taken to recycling centers where revenue is collected by the charity for donation to existing organizations that assist homeless and near homeless veterans. Our motto is “Let’s keep cans and our veterans out of the dumpsters.”